Bintai Kinden Corporation Berhad (290870-P)
Our Expertise

The range of services provided by Bintai Kinden in both Malaysia and Singapore covers four areas. They are :-

Electrical Installation for highrise buildings, offices, factories, hospital, hotels, departmental stores, supermarkets, schools, sports facilities, airports, aircraft hangars, roads & highways etc.

Mechanical Installation of air-conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, sanitary and fire protection systems.

Electrical Power Supply Installation for power stations, sub-stations, power transmission lines, distribution and communication lines and other related engineering works.

Electrical and Instrumentation System For Oil and Gas Refineries

In every project undertaken, Bintai Kinden's involvement in planning, design, procurement, construction and maintenance has always been highly integrated to establish a comprehensive system which functions effectively and economically for every project. The best technologies are always researched and applied to maximise the returns for our clients. With the introduction of computer controlled system and the latest technologies, Bintai Kinden is now capable of undertaking a complete package service for major mechanical and electrical contracts.

Bintai Kinden possesses the latest information regarding the laws, regulations and standards concerning design and implementation of projects. We have established systems for design execution and technical services that are adapted to prevailing conditions be it social, geographical, climatic or otherwise.

In meeting today's increasing demand for power, Bintai Kinden has developed several advanced installation techniques and mechanised its work processes and equipment. Close communication is maintained between each company within the Group, and management and technical expertise is pooled on an international basis to ensure the application to the highest degree of construction management systems and construction techniques, regardless of the project nature or location.

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